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Olive wood keychains available in different Arabic and English words. Designed by Nadya Hazbunova. Handmade in Bethlehem, Occupied Palestine. Nickel Free. Due to natural variances in the wood grain, you may notice slight differences in the final product.

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“Made by Palestinian hands for pro-Palestinian hearts” -Nadya Hazbunova.

The beautiful grainy olive wood is transformed into a range of edgy jewellery engraved and assembled into wooden accessories by hand in workshops in the occupied city of Bethlehem. Every single piece is therefore an original, created with extreme attention to detail and quality. In addition, every item is unique with a different grain of colours, making the piece you purchase truly one of a kind.

The vision is to give this ancient traditional Bethlehem handcraft of carving the beautiful Olive wood a modern edge, allowing it to be more funky and accessible for people all around the world, giving them the opportunity to carry a little piece of the beauty of our Holy Land with them all the time.

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Peace, سنعود, فلسطين


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